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750 N Fremont St

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Open Daily 8am – 10pm

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Doors Lock at 10pm

Lights out by 11pm

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The launrdromat's ultra high-efficiency Electrolux equipment - washer capacities up to 75 lbs., and dryers up to 83, that can wash and dry as much as 8 loads at once - drastically cut down your overall laundry time, even when you bring in a veritable ton. Choose multiple washers and dryers, or dump all of your laundry from the past month into one of Spin's largest-capacity machines.



Electrolux 450 G-force washers and dryers with EcoPower technology are the most energy-efficient machines in the world. Reduce wear and tear, even on your most delicate laundry. Every machine is equipped with a delicate cycle that can wash just about everything, from wool blankets to down comforters and pillows. Wash and dry your largest items - sleeping bags, bedding, pet bedding - in no time. 

Already have a washer and dryer at home? You can still significantly reduce the amount of time you spend each week doing laundry, reduce your carbon footprint, and trim your water and electricity bill. 


Doing laundry at Spin is cheaper per pound than any other Portland-area laundromat. Wash cycles may cost a little more than old school top-loading washers, but the high extraction speed of Spin's machines makes up for it. Clothing comes out squeaky-clean* and contains less water. This saves you money (and tons of time) on your dry cycle - only 3-4 quarters. 


18-lb (2 loads)     30-lb (3 loads)     60-lb (6 loads)     75-lb (8 loads)


50-lb     83-lb

* Spin's machines are the cleanest in Portland: every load includes a free sanitizing rinse

hypoallergenic Washer & Dryers

Oregon's first and only completely hypoallergenic machines - perfect if your sensitive to the harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial laundry products. If using these machines you must use our complimentary fragrance free Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soap or purchase our Charlie's Soap products. No other soaps are allowed in these machines to ensure they are always free of any harsh chemicals or toxins. Our hypoallergenic machines consist of two washers and two dryers, and are available at our Fremont location only.



Credit + Debit – There's a card reader attached to every Spin washer and dryer. 

Smartphone - Use Apple Pay on your iPhone, or download Google Wallet on your Android Phone.

Coin op – Old school style - we've even got a change machine. 


Grab a bite in the Fremont cafe while you wait, or run to the grocery store - Spin machines send a text when your laundry's got just ten minutes left, and then again when it's done. Planning ahead? Text "status" to Spin's number (818.877.9100 at Fremont / 503.863.1901 at Broadway) to check if there's a washer available before you ever leave the house. 

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